Wednesday, October 26, 2005

War on anti-Christmas warriors

If you are as sick as many Christians are out there of Christmas being shoved under the rug everytime Christmas comes around, then why don't you see what John Gibson has to say:
I seem to have set off a small firestorm with my new book "The War on Christmas [...]."
Secularists are angry. Religionists other than Christian are angry. Christians are angry. All angry for different reasons and demanding what they want.
So here's what I want and here's why I wrote "The War on Christmas."
So, if you think that there is a controversy over Christmas where you live, write to John Gibson at
Just thinking...


Anonymous said...

I have noted that most retailers, including Lowe's and Home Depot, do not have the word CHRISTMAS on their site at all. Instead, we get the endless "'Tis the Season" and especially FECULENT "Holiday" slop. I am insulted by the omission, and how these same business people are greedily trying to make as much as possible off of this Christian holiday. "Fer cryin' out loud - the CHRISTMAS shopping season is what the retailers live and die by!

Anonymous said...

Hiya freindly folk!

here's a few tunes to sort yer "seasonals" -

Corneilius here, I am a singer/songwriter living in London, UK.

I have just re-released my free christmas electronic virtual double "a" side anti-commercialism single, with "i can't stand shopping" and "christmess", on the independent wmusic website

Please click on the link below to go to the single, where you can listen to it, or download it, all for free!!

You can listen while you're doing other stuff!

Enjoy! And there's more wild, free music on my website ......... latest offering is a parody of "i don't like mondays" entitled "i don't like geldof", in acoustic and dance music versions.

Mr. Bob has a PR company, called TEN ALPS, turnover £37 million plus, whose main clients are UK Foreign Office, BP, Ford, Disney, EMI and JP Morgan .... talk about conflict of interest ......

kindest regards

Corneilius Lookwood

'do what you love, it's your gift to the universe'

Anonymous said...

Christmas is a beatiful holyday. Anyone who says otherwise clearly doesn't understand Christmas or Christianity. What is important to understand is that anti-Christmas people are not against the holyday itself. Anti-Christmas people are anti-Christmas precisely because they believe that this day is holy. What they are against is the love-buying, environment-poluting, soul-degrading commercial bonanza that corporations have made of Christmas. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. What would He say about what Christmas has become.

Fred, Anti-commercial Christmas christian

William Dicks said...

This post had nothing to do in reality with Christians who are sad at what has become of Christmas with its commercial aspects, etc.

It has to do with secularists (or so they claim), that want Christmas taken off the almanac and removed from society as much as possible. It has to do with the removal of what is sacred to Christians.

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