Thursday, December 08, 2005

Heavenly citizenship

Charlize Theron (actress: The Devil's Advocate, Sweet November, The Italian Job, Monster, North Country, Aeon Flux) made a statement recently that she and her boyfriend will only get married when same-sex marriage is legalised. By the way, her last name is not to be pronounced as theron. She comes from South Africa and that is a common Afrikaans surname to be pronounced as tron (with a pronounced r as in brrr). It seems that she has forgotten totally where she comes from and what her roots are.
However, that is not what this is all about.
When I heard that she made the above statement, I suddenly felt quite ashamed that our best current export to the USA could make such a statement. I felt ashamed of being a South African!
Then it dawned on me (I do sometimes wake up) that it doesn't matter where I am, I am a citizen of heaven. Wherever I go I will come across people who make ideological statements like Theron does, yet based on absolutely NO research or facts. Isn't it crazy that she lives in sin with her boyfriend, yet will not get married until gays may legally get married! What a weird illogical concoction!
As a citizen of heaven I stand for that which the Lord of heaven stands. This is clearly delineated in the Bible.
May all citizens of heaven, those commonly called Christians (and I mean REAL Christians), be the ambassadors of our Great and Mighty Lord Jesus Christ that they need to be!
Just thinking...

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