Thursday, December 01, 2005

South Africa's unelected immorality

It was to be expected! The Constitutional Court had a very weak constitution to work with when they decided this morning in South Africa to give the go-ahead to same-sex marriage.

The fact is that these judges are unelected by the people of South Africa and they now made a decision that definitely goes against the grain of South African society. Even though the court gave government one year to come up with appropriate legislation either for or against same-sex marriage, we all know that the ANC government is weak when it comes to real issues. They easily capitulate when it seems that they might lose their power.

Just because a group shouts very loudly about their so-called "rights" does not mean that that group should get those rights or that they are in the majority. The fact is that gays/lesbians only make up around 4% of society. This means that the court has given the God-given rights of heterosexuals away to a minority. A minority that stands defiantly with their rebellion in the face of God!

Steve Swart of the ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party) had this to say about marriage:

"The ACDP is in agreement with the views of the Marriage Alliance, consisting of some 70 denominations representing some 18 million people, that ‘no State or Court should seek to alter the traditional, and, from time immemorial, universal understanding of God-given marriage as heterosexual, and of course in terms of Christian understanding, also monogamous. We affirm that the traditional understanding of marriage is correct, that it is the God-given context for male/female bonding, mutual care, sexual intimacy and inter-dependent support. Then it is the God-given place for the procreation of children and the production of the next generation in the is the proper, best, safest and most wonderful context and shelter for the nurturing and raising of children. Because marriage and the family antedates and precedes the state and its various organs, the state cannot change marriage but only recognise it."

The fact is also that there has always been equality when it comes to marriage. There is no inequality! Both men and women may get married. One man and one woman in a monogamous relationship in covenant with God.

Gays/lesbians are already living in gross sin, and I am not talking of the "yuk" factor here but rather the extent of the sin, so why do they want someone to bless them in that sin against God? Oh, yes! That is exactly what they want. They want people and God to overlook their sin to satisfy their own selfish depraved passions.

What is so amazing to me is God's grace! The fact that He hasn't ground this planet to a powder yet shows His patience with humanity. The fact that God has not destroyed this planet yet must not be misconstrued as a leniency against sin in the nature of God! This planet exists only due to God's mercy and His grace.

God is giving YOU time to come to repentance.

However, the day will come when God will wait no longer and He will indeed destroy this earth.

The good news is that all that are found to be in Christ--those who have put all their trust for salvation in Christ alone and in the atonement He made for their sins--will be given a new heaven and a new earth, living with God into eternity.

Just thinking...

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