Monday, December 12, 2005

A small start in politics

For some time now I have noticed that the ordinary Christian in the street simply does not have a Biblical worldview to speak of.
In a country, where it is claimed that 70%+ are Christian, it did not amaze me that the ANC party won such a landslide victory of more than a two-thirds majority in the 2004 general elections.
Here in South Africa we have a true multi-party system. Not like in the U.S. where there are truly only 2 parties.
When the ANC won that majority, it proved to me one of two things: 1) South Africa do not have 70%+ Christians or 2) the Christians simply do not have a Biblical worldview!
In September I wrote, in a post called 'Democracy' in South Africa, how members of parliament can change parties in what is known as "crossing the floor" while keeping their parliamentary seats. There were so-called Christians that left the ACDP party to join the ANC. When a person leaves a very overt Christian party, to join a very apparent godless party, there can't be too many reasons for that. 1) The person never was a Christian to begin with, 2) the person has no solid understanding of a Biblical worldview, or 3) the person is in it for the power of politics.
I have also lately seen how someone is a member of the ACDP, but has decided to join the ANC and stand for them in the local municipal elections to be held on 1 March 2006.
This has been worrying me, that Christians with no Biblical worldview can stand together with such a godless party as the ANC.
I simply felt that the ANC was going the wrong way with South Africa and that they are leap-frogging certain new laws through parliament without having proper debates in parliament. They also stand for the cold-blooded murder of babies in the womb (abortion), pornography, same-sex marriage and the like.
One day, while the whole family were sitting at a local Mugg & Bean, my father-in-law and I had a discussion on how things were in this country and how I just wished things could change. I told him of how I have written to newspapers and TV stations about issues. Almost without blinking he asked me: "Why don't you go into politics?"
Well, it took me about 6 weeks to think it over and now I have decided to do it. I officially joined the ACDP as a member and met with some of the current members and those that are prominent in the party. I also made myself available as a candidate for the ACDP in next year's local municipal elections. For this I had to have a testimonial from my pastor, two character references, CV (resume), copies of my qualifications and then come before a screening committee (Guardian Committee) of the ACDP for an interview for them to see if I would make a suitable candidate.
I attended the screening this last Saturday and I am glad to say that the ACDP has accepted me as a candidate in the coming municipal elections. Now the hard work will start.
Whether I am elected as a councillor in our city or not is not really the issue. The issue is getting involved in order to help make a change.
This is totally new ground for me, so I will need prayer for strength and wisdom.
Just thinking...

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