Thursday, December 22, 2005

You don't have to believe in God

I bet the subject header shocked you a bit! Have I got your attention now?
This morning while getting dressed for work I was thinking about a million things a second. My mind was just milling so much around. Especially in those empty spaces that need filling every now and again!
What triggered all this are the letters on the Letters page of the daily newspaper The Citizen.
While I was thinking about some of the things written there it dawned on me:
You don't have to believe in God to spend eternity in hell!
(You can use this quote as is if you give credit where credit is due. Just add on my name--William Dicks. However, credit for salvation can ONLY be accredited to God!)
Many that don't believe in God think that they are fine simply because they do not believe in a God or they don't believe in Jesus Christ. Wrong! Not believing cannot make them escape the fires of hell. That is exactly what will send them there! Not believing in the God of the Bible won't erase Him from existence! It will simply cement the fact that unbelievers will experience the wrath of God for all eternity.
The only way to escape hell, and indeed experience the loving arms of God is to submit to Jesus Christ and believe in Him and the work He has done on the cross.
Just thinking...

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