Thursday, December 01, 2005

Seven 7s

What shall I say? Matt tagged me, so here goes!

Seven categories of 7 things to either do or not do... Mmmm...

7 Things to do before I die
1. Write a systematic theology for children ages 6-12.
2. Write commentaries on all NT books with the aim of making the reader act on what he reads.
3. Continually be an example to my children to love Christ without apologies.
4. Visit my friends in Ohio at least once more (can't afford now to visit the U.S.).
5. Relearn Biblical Greek.
6. Make a difference in South African politics.
7. Start Christian Worldview Seminars/Conferences.

7 Things I cannot do
1. Not enjoy pizza (real pizza).
2. Remain quiet about my opinions.
3. Enjoy sitting in peak time traffic.
4. Overlook injustice.
5. Accept defiant immorality.
6. Read less than two books at a time.
7. Listen to rap. Period!

7 things that attract me to my Wife
1. That she has more compassion than I have.
2. After almost 16 years of marriage, her toes still curl when we kiss.
3. She loves ME!
4. She doesn't keep thinking of new jobs for me to do around the house.
5. She loves the Lord.
6. That she rides tandem with me.
7. Her all-round beauty.

7 things I say most often
1. "You must be nuts!"
2. "Really!" (So that they think I am really listening!)
3. "I love you!" (To my family)
4. "Do you want me to start counting?"
5. "What's for supper?"
6. "... Biblical worldview..."
7. "They don't have a clue..."

7 books (or series) I love
1. LOTR (you know who).
2. The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (Boettner).
5. The Potter's Freedom (James White)
6. Mere Christianity (CS Lewis)
7. No Place for Truth (Wells)
8. Francis Schaeffer Trilogy
9. Pilgrim's Progress
10. Many, many more...

7 movies/TV shows I would watch over and over again
1. Original Star Wars trilogy.
2. The new Luther movie.
3. LOTR trilogy.
4. Serendipity (Ain't that nuts?)
5. 61*
6. Field of dreams
7. Hardball
8. For love of the game (Something tells me I love baseball movies)
9. The Rookie
10. Sue Thomas: FBEye

7 people I want to join in, too
1. Only seven?!
2. Fred
4. Tim
7. Phil
8. ...and what about you!

Just thinking...


Matt Gumm said...

Great stuff. I'm amazed at how many people listed either "write a book" or something about Greek (and a few did both).

But really--Serendipity?

William Dicks said...

Yea! Can you believe it? My wife keeps telling me that I am getting more and more sentimental.

Kevin Jones said...

I've been taking a break for most of December, but I am up to the challenge. Just need to think for a bit...

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